How to Give a Girl Space

Maybe you’re dating or dating a woman and really enjoy being with her. In her head, things seem to be going well, so if she asks for a little space, it may seem a bit surprising. Or maybe things are not so good and she wants some space to get over it. Space can sometimes help bring couples together, so try to communicate in other ways, enjoy your life, and develop the relationship when the time is right.

Spend more time with friends and family.

While it is sad to realize that it needs space, you can use your time for fun. You do not have to stay home and depressed when there are people around you that you can have fun with. Visit your family, hang out with friends and make plans for the future.
Avoid talking to other girls during this time. Although you are taking a break, if you are not in a relationship or have not arranged with your girlfriend that the two of you can go out with other people, then honor your relationship and stay true to it.

Talk to her once in a while.

You are probably accustomed to talking to her throughout the day and so it can be difficult to stay without communicating. However, do not go after it more than once a day, except when it is strictly necessary. No problem answering her messages or answering calls, but do not always be the first to speak.

Avoid social networking for a while.

If she has a habit of posting things frequently, you can turn off your profiles for a while so you do not feel tempted to look at what she’s posting. If you still want to use social networks, stop following it while it needs space.


How to Help a Friend

Be available, face to face or not.

The goal is to be in the right place at the right time. As much as nothing is better than being personally ready to help, you can also be useful in many things at a distance. If he calls you, pick up promptly.

Be a good listener.

Even though indirectly, your friend will try to communicate your problem. You may end up not realizing the need for it, if you’re busy being egocentric or cute. Pay attention to what your friend has to say.

Keep in touch daily but do not pester your friend.

Too many connections can irritate you. No matter how bad a person feels; knowing that someone cares makes all the difference.

If your friend seems resistant to your advice, stop offering them.

At some other time, he may be more willing to consider them. Or you may even prefer to find the solution for yourself. Anyway, the most important thing is to give moral support to your friend. Find out the best way to help.

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